the North Fork Human Chess Match
November 1st 2014 at the Mill Site?
This is the tentative date we are exploring for our second match
We perform a living chess game. It is played by people dressed up as chess pieces on a 576 square foot chess board (24' by 24'). Our first match was May 24th of 2014. There are a few pictures here.
White Bishop vs. Black Knight, May 2014 match.
Yes, this is an absurdly simple website that is NOT cell phone friendly, I will be replacing it with a new site in the near future. I have over 600 images from the first game, so, more will be posted.

Human Chess played in Ströbeck, Germany, 1932

These are two great pages on the history of living chess

Living Chess Part 1 (pics @ page bottom)
Living Chess Part 2

Thanks to Sarah Beth for her posting.